5 Amazing Swordfight Anime to give you Adrenaline Rush

Swordfight Anime, the name itself, makes you imagine an anime protagonist holding a sword looking in the opponent’s eyes, ready to trade blows. So why sword fight?

The answer should be, why not? Swordfight Anime is much fiercer and more intense than gunfights or magic fights; instead of shooting projectiles or fireballs or OP spells, swords’ clashing is much more relaxed. Rather than hiding, using a cover, or saying incantations, sword fights are a frontal battle where every move is essential, one mistake, and you cost a life.

Throughout Swordfight Anime, the swordfight has various genres of fantasy, magic, demons, etc.; I’ll give you anime series with an almost pure sword fight. If the sword fight has charm in it, then there is a reason for it to show up here, while I’ll tell you when it shows up. So, are you ready for some Swordfight Anime? Then pick your swords, and without any further delay, let’s get slashing.

5 Amazing Handpicked Swordfight Anime

  • Katanagiri
  • Touken Ranbu
  • Noragami
  • Afro Samurai
  • Samurai Champloo

Where to Watch?

  • Netflix
  • Crunchyroll
  • Hulu
  • Gogo Anime
  • Animelab

5. Katanagiri

5 Amazing Swordfight Anime

It is set in the Edo period of Japan, where a girl named Togame goes on a mission to collect 12 unique swords wielded by people possessed by it. For this, she asks the head of Kyotouryuu, also known as swordless blade style, where the user uses his body as a weapon.

To her surprise, she meets Shichika, who is the last descendent. Shichika accepts her request because he wants to be with her and see how far this journey will take them.

Katanagiri is not the best Swordfight Anime, to be honest, but the storyline is excellent. If you’re looking for a unique sword fight with a fantastic plot, you should go for it. The two main characters are opposite.

Togame, who has knowledge of the world and wants shogunate has no physical strength; on the other side, Shichika has no worldly experience since his family was exiled, so he had no friends also, he is selfless. But despite this, both of them are dumb and depend on luck.

4. Touken Ranbu

5 Amazing Swordfight Anime

Ever imagined the world from a perspective of a sword? We know that the master always trusts his blade but what the blade feels for his master? Touken Ranbu is set in a present world citadel where the legendary blades from the past are reincarnated in human form. And they have been given the responsibility to protect the history from ghosts who tries to alter the past.

Touken Ranbu comes with lots and lots of hot anime guys, you’ll be sure to find your idol guy there, but it doesn’t lack sword fights. The reincarnated swords carry the fighting style of their masters, and the coordination is impressive.

There are times when two swords of rival masters are sent together, but they still manage to keep their happy relationship between them. The blades also have a life outside the battlefields where the young swords play together and live normal lives.

3. Noragami

5 Amazing Swordfight Anime

If we’re talking bout sword fights, then how can we leave our Yato behind? There is also a famous saying, “Never get in conflict with the Yato God because if you did, then it’s the end for you.” Yato is your friendly neighborhood god who wants a shrine for himself; to do so, he fulfills any request at 5 Yen.

One day he meets Hiyori, a high school girl who is stuck between the living world and spirit world; Hiyori asks Yato to help her so that she can be freed from this spirit world.

Later Yato finds Yukine, who becomes a trusted Yato partner, and together they go helping everyone. Although it looks like a happy to go anime thing gets crazy when someone pisses of Yato.

This Swordfight Anime contains sword fights, gunfights, and comedy. Along with it, the story is immersive and will keep you engaged throughout the series. Noragami is a hidden gem and worth watching. It has two seasons, and both are great when it comes to swordfights.

2. Afro Samurai

5 Amazing Swordfight Anime

Who is the #1 swordsman? You should know since you’re going in a world where the ranking of samurai matters just like your league in an online game.

Afro Samurai is about a samurai whose father was killed, and now he becomes #2. The person who killed his father is none other than #1, so he embarks on his mission to take revenge and glory.

Afro Samurai uses a different concept worldwide swordsman ranking; as he tries to take the #1 position, he constantly fights with lower rankers. Sometimes, they come in gangs, the very reason for it to take 2nd place in Swordfight Anime because it’s brutal and is not for KIDS!

1. Samurai Champloo

5 Amazing Swordfight Anime

Samura Champloo consists of two different characters who have two different sword styles, and despite their differences, swordsmen are asked to hunt for a mysterious swordsman. It has incredible swordfights and comedy in it.

While Mugen has a wild and ruthless nature, Jin is much traditional and a ronin. In their first fight, they ended up killing the local magistrate’s son and were sent for execution, and I won’t give you much detail as I don’t particularly appreciate giving spoilers.

This Swordfight Anime plays swords in a way like pop beats in Spotify music; you’ll experience fights with the best hip-hop music in it, just like seasoning on top of your pizza. Even though the two swordsmen are rivaling, Fuu has a hard time keeping them in check, so they don’t end up killing each other.

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Suppose you think this is the best one, then don’t be surprised to know that this is just Part 1. There will be a Swordfight Anime Part 2 with some top-tier battles: eye candy and mind-blowing. If you enjoy this five series, then show it through the comment sections below; I’ll go and make part 2. Don’t worry; I’ll be back soon.

FAQs on Swordfight Anime

1. Is Samurai Champloo finished?

Yes, although fans are expecting to have a season 2.

2. Is Mugen black?

Not really, he is more of a brown-haired Afro American in 90s clothing.

3. Is Afro Samurai on Netflix?


4. Is Noragami Cancelled?

No, after 2 seasons there are rumors that there will be a season 3 as well.