Top 5 Old Anime Shows which are Still Ecstatic to Watch

This list of top 5 old anime is for people who are genuine anime fans. Also for the ones who have just started to dedicate time towards this format of art and culture, it is an exclusive point that you must not miss. The quality anime in the classic era which created a blast in the west is celebrated through this article.

A franchise like Dragon Ball is a part of the old anime era till the present time. This involves other television shows which are bound to be evergreen to date.

The Old Anime which is definitely gold and famously said!

1. Inuyasha

This old anime will literally outline the integral of your watching list. Inuyasha is directed by Rumiko Takahashi. It was first aired in the year 2000. You can call it a classic television show that you will never forget. Inuyasha anime has its essence in television shows like The Legend of Korra.

The anime series technically highlights the romantic angle of the two main characters, being Shounen. Back then power fantasies were quite famous. Inuyasha highlighted the take of Japan to introduce such a concept of another world to the west. The protagonist, a fifteen-year-old girl ends up 500 years back in this tale. Here Japan is shown to be in the Sengoku period. The plot revives a battle of evil and even and you can rely upon it for quality.

This old anime classic can be streamed on Netflix. It is having nearly 160+ episodes produced by Sunrise studio. The subplot merely overlaps with action and drama that Inuyasha focuses upon. You will have a good time watching this old-school anime.

2. Sailor Moon

Sailor moon old anime
Sailor Moon

Sailor Moon comprises all drops of an ocean. The magical ride of adventure gets combines with fantastic drama. This is directed by Junichi Sato. The genre of magic girl will make you root for Star vs the Forces of Evil.

Sailor Moon has been a magnified influence in the west. It is presumed that you have heard about it beforehand. Still, if that is not the case, this anime is an absolute achiever. Usagi is a 14-year-old girl who is kind enough to save a cat. After this very event, she gets the powers of being a Sailor Moon. The anime is all about how she gets going with her fascinating powers. Also, she is responsible for using her capabilities with correct use, that is, to crossover evil energies. The constant battle with herself intensifies as the plot heads deeper through this old anime.

Sailor Moon anime series got released in the 90s and it was produced by the famous Toei Animation. If you have not watched it yet or if you are unknown to its presence, then Crunchyroll is here to save your day.

3. You are Under Arrest

This Seinen is an old anime from 1994. You are Under Arrest anime series is an action-comedy show. It was produced by Studio Deen. It continued with its latest episode being aired in 2007.

The old anime characters are a part of the traffic police division in Tokyo. It focuses on the work lives and day-to-day jobs that the characters undergo. The unique selling proposition of this old anime lies in the chemistry between the characters and the protagonist. You are Under Arrest has a light-hearted spirit that will make you go on and on with this show without giving it a second thought.

If you all are wondering that if you can get to watch this old classic again then let me tell you, it is available. You can watch this television show on Anime-Planet. Also, you can read the original source too from Amazon.

4. Scrapped Princess

scrapped pincess old anime
Scrapped Princess

The story of royalty is what this old anime Scrapped Princess tells the world. This has pinches of science fiction along with marvelous action to encounter. This anime is directed by Soichi Masui and it was released in 2003.

There was an era in anime when a lot of experimental fantasies were coming up. Scrapped Princess in on the greener side of the field in that era. Here, Pacifica is the royal princess who was famously named the Scrapped Princess. Her tale revolves around the prophecy that entitles her sixteenth birthday to end things for the world. This destructive prophecy creates challenges against her living since the beginning. This old anime is completely cast in another world and gives you an interesting light of change.

The Scrapped Princess is available on streaming platforms like Prime Video and Anime-Planet. The television show was produced by Bones studio and had 24 episodes in the first season.

5. Cowboy Bebop

Cowboy Bebop is considered to be one of the famously watched anime series. It also counts as one of the most critically acclaimed shows among old anime. Cowboy Bebop is directed by Shinichiro Watanabe in the year 1998. You can only imagine how quality a show this has been since it last aired in 1999.

The story sets in the year 2071 where humanity has reached stars. The expansion has been made to different galaxies due to innovations. But besides the innovations and expansion, the rapid execution of crime is taking no back seat. When the situation goes ahead of the hand of policemen, cowboys are called for help. Criminals turn illusive and hence the solution comes from the grand cowboys. This anime has a different plot to experience. The essence is absolutely magical with intensive character arcs.

Cowboy Bebop anime series is available on Netflix, Prime Video, and Hulu.

FAQs on the Old Anime which are Ecstatic and Old School

1. Are the old animes available on Netflix?

Some of the mentioned animes among the top 5 are available on Netflix. But, it may appear that the complete series having all the seasons might not be streaming in one platform. For your convenience, for each mentioned anime, the respective streaming websites are stated.

2. How many seasons of Cowboy Bebop are there?

Cowboy Bebop anime is short-termed. This anime is produced by Sunrise studio and it has only 26 episodes. This small length is no less than quantity. It is grand and IMDb gives it 8.9 ratings.

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