Best Isekai Anime Of 2019 to Watch in 2023

Imagine playing your favorite game, and there is a new event banner that appears on the screen. The moment you click that banner, a bright light flashes, and the next thing you know, is you’re inside the game! Sounds interesting?

Let’s think of another situation you’ve been jobless for years, and the only thing you’re good at is playing, watching anime, reading manga, and sleeping; while going out to buy some food on a rainy or snowing day. You see from a distance something bright is slowly getting closer to you.

You closed your eyes, and the next time you opened your eyes, you’re in the arms of an unfamiliar man. Interesting? Don’t worry; I’m not asking you to die to go into an anime, gaming, or any random world.

That’s what Isekai anime is all about, and you get teleported or reincarnated in a world filled with magic; you’ve been given an op skill or blessed which will help you become someone strong and influential.

Now what makes an isekai anime so great is that everyone on earth has problems in life, and I’m not talking about teenagers. Even adults have hardships in life living the same pattern every day.

While we continuously try to fight the boredom many times, we want to escape this mundane world and be free, and Isekai anime are the ones who ace in that aspect.

First, we see our mc being a hopeless adult or a lonely teenager. If the mc is an adult, then the world decides to kill him and not just a death due to illness, die by getting hit by a truck, perfect.

If the mc is a high schooler, then the whole class will be teleported by the transmutation circle.

What Makes an Isekai Anime Amazing?

We have said that isekai plot itself is excellent, but tons of isekai anime how to know which one will be great. We will judge the anime by the criteria they fulfill. The more, the better.

  1. The mc should be hopeless; we don’t want the mc to have any ties with his previous world.
  2. The mc should be genius or useless. Genius mc will surprise you with creative things while you’ll enjoy the growth of useless ones.
  3. Betrayal:- Yes, we are sadists. We want mc’s life to be as horrible as it can be.
  4. There should be a harem. Let’s not be too harsh; give him some cute girls who will later become our waifus.

Today I’ll be going through isekai animes of 2019, and trust me, and it was pretty hard that year. We had only a small number of isekai anime.

Still, I tried my best to bring a good number of isekai anime which are worth watching. The portal is ready. Let’s jump in it.

Best Isekai Anime Of 2019 List

  • The Ascendence of a bookworm
  • Cautious Hero
  • Fate/Grand Order Absolute Demonic Front: Babylonia
  • Arifureta
  • The Rising of the Shield Hero

Where to Watch?

  • Netflix
  • Crunchyroll
  • Hulu
  • Gogo Anime
  • Animelab

5. The Ascendence of a Bookworm

It’s one of the first isekai anime I’ve watched where the mc is a girl, which is unique, I guess? Before her reincarnation, she was a librarian in Tokyo who died due to an earthquake.

The ascendence of a bookworm has the highest rating for an isekai anime of 2019, which is 7.8 then. Why it’s at #5 here? The answer is simple the mc wasn’t hopeless in a previous life.

When you’re going to another world, we expect you to do something exceptional, which is limited in this anime.

Best Isekai Anime Of 2019

Also, there is a lack of waifu, and all of the girls here are loli. Since it was the first time people saw a girl protagonist, the uniqueness piqued people’s interest. But the recent isekai, which is My Next Life as a Villainess, did it much better.

4. Cautious Hero

This anime doesn’t follow the necessary criteria of isekai that mc dies. Still, it’s here because it’s not your every day when you see isekai anime, which has goddesses, waifs, and a unique concept.

Best Isekai Anime Of 2019

The god tries to save the world by summoning heroes, which will help them defeat the boss. The Goddess Reina calls the strongest hero Seiya. Despite being OP, he is cautious and too much.

He throws a high-tier fire spell on slimes and says that slimes should be wiped no matter how small a threat they are. He buys 3 sets of armors, saying that it’s a spare of another one.

While Cautious hero is light-hearted and comedy, the last two episodes are sad and will reason for his over-cautious nature.

3. Fate/Grand Order Absolute Demonic Front: Babylonia

Grand order is based on the game and follows the exact storyline from the game. The difference is that it’s much detailed and visually pleasing.

You can’t ask developers to add tons of cutscenes because you love the story. People who have been keeping up with the Grand Order game and anime series might know that the mc Ritsuka Fujimaru is useless as a master.

I will rate Shirou Emniya higher than him, and our lovely Mash does all the work.

Best Isekai Anime Of 2019

Grand Order is about a master and a pseudo servant who travels through different time periods to stop Holy Grail from destroying humanity, and I can’t say more as it will be a spoiler.

In Babylonia, Fujimaru and Mash went to Uruk. Where Fujimaru is useless as a master, we can see Gilgamesh, who is op and genius.

As expected from the Fate franchise, the story is impressive with many mystery elements, backstory, crazy battles, and much more. Last but not least, it has a harem so many waifus.

2. Arifureta

I am surprised why people didn’t love Arifureta. From beginning to end, the story was amazing. Just because the series was slow and the animation wasn’t good, it got a bad rating.

Arifureta is an underrated gem about Hajime Nagumo, a high schooler who got teleported to another world to act as their savior along with his whole class.

Best Isekai Anime Of 2019

While everyone in his class got impressive skills, he doesn’t have any significant talent. On his way to clear one of the floors, he got betrayed. The next thing he realized was that he has fallen more in-depth into the dungeon now. He has to survive alone.

While his journey, he slowly grows stronger and finds some cute girls as companions. Honestly, it fits all the aspects of isekai anime. If you like a slow build-up, then this it’s your best choice.

1. The Rising of the Shield Hero

Another great anime that fits all the requirements of best isekai. The mc Naofumi Iwatani is hopeless in his current life. All he does is play games and read manga all day.

One day he was summoned to another world and realized he was among the four heroes with legendary weapons.

Best Isekai Anime Of 2019

The irony here is that he got a shield which isn’t even a weapon, and was the weakest hero. Soon he was betrayed, put under a false accusation, robbed of money, and left alone.

Getting continuous setbacks one after one, he decided to take revenge and become the strongest. The Rising of the Shield Hero is another harem anime delivering us demi-human waifus.

Now for a gaming world experience stop reading and start watching these anime and then come back to let me know whether you liked the anime or not! if you have any requests feel free to spam the comment sections.

FAQs on Best Isekai Anime Of 2019

  1. What type of anime is Isekai?

    Isekai, a genre of fantasy anime where mostly the MC travels to a gaming-like world. For example, No Game No Life, My Next Life as a Villainess, etc.

  2. Can I go to anime world?

    That’s something all the otakus wish to do. But it’s still a dream now, but who knows, maybe someday one otaku will invent a portal to the Anime world!

  3. Why are there so many Isekai anime?

    Isekai Anime is really popular among teenagers and adults alike because everyone wants to escape from reality, and Watching Isekai Anime is the perfect way to do it.

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