3 Effective Ways to Remove Watermark from Videos

Remove Watermarks from Videos

Remove Watermarks from Videos

Watermarks are useful icons that indicate belonging or identity. But they won’t always look good. For instance, when you use videos and pictures containing benchmarks of specific names for your own personal or professional works, it may distract you on a personal level.

It may also diminish the value of your efforts and make it less attractive on a professional ground. To add more personal touch to those downloaded videotapes people mostly come across the idea of discarding watermarks and logos.

Looking for the best solution for removing these unwanted icons is a confusing and time-consuming task. Here we are going to suggest 3 broad ways to remove watermark from videos that further offer more ways of discarding these logos.

Online Watermark Remover

  • Apowersoft
  • Video Watermark Remover.
  • Video Grabber

Watermark remover Software.

  • Video Converter Studio.
  • Remove Logo Now.
  • Filmora9.

Watermark removing Apps.

  • Video Eraser-Remove Logo.
  • Remove Logo From Video.
  • Remove and Add Watermark.

Online Watermark Removers.

Online Watermark Removers are the best option to edit and erase watermarks from videos without even installing the software in your device. These platforms don’t occupy space but offer amazing functions and features that make them a unique way of discarding watermarks. They erase watermarks with an intuitive technique and leave no traces. These are highly recommended for both personal and professional uses.

The following are some of the best Online Watermark Removers for editing videos:


Remove Watermark from Videos

This is a simple and accessible online platform to remove watermarks from videos as well as photos. It’s a secure way of removing watermarks without installing it in your device. It works online directly and erase your file from the server permanently. Apowersoft supports multiple video file formats and delete all sorts of holograms, logos, texts, and any objects from video within a few clicks. It is also helpful in designing and creating watermarks to validate your belongingness and to prevent your video from being misused. Thus, it is a great tool with a simple and manageable interface that add, edit, and remove holograms in a few clicks and display professional like results.


  • Remove multiple watermarks in single processing.
  • Works without installing on your device.
  • Identifies all kinds of undesirable logos automatically.
  • Compatible with different video formats.
  • Maintain the high quality of your videos.
  • Simple in use and needs no special training.
  • Guaranteed security by deleting video files from the web-server permanently.
  • Safeguard your file from all kinds of malware activities.

Video Watermark Remover

Remove Watermark from Videos

It is a smart online program that works with perfection. This remover deletes undesirable impressions like text, logo, watermark, etc. conveniently. It locates and erases benchmarks automatically. This platform is proficiently in batch processing the video too. That means you can discard multiple watermarks from a video and can process multiple clips simultaneously. This easy-to-use tool, in only three simple steps, lets your work done with a lot of perfection. It retains the original quality of the video and removes watermarks and other unwanted icons the way that they never existed before. To process more than five videos per month, you have to buy the standard or unlimited plan.


  • Enhances video quality by eliminating watermarks, logo, signs, symbols, etc.
  • Support all video file formats, for instance, H.264, MKV, FLV, SWF, 3GP, HTML5, M4V, and H265.
  • Eliminate numerous watermarks in a single processing.
  • Process multiple clips simultaneously.
  • Maintained the quality of the video.
  • Retained original format or convert them, if you wish to.
  • Offer Subscriptions to access more features.

Video Grabber

Remove Watermark from Videos

This is another online platform that records video of any format and erase watermarks effortlessly. Apart from screen recording, Video Grabber facilitates you to search and download videos from any site in any format easily. It can convert your videos in any format whichever you want to while maintaining the high quality. You can save the video files on your device after customizing it by using available features. Video grabber supports webcam recording and you can add letters, symbols, and different shapes to the recording as well. It is an online program that removes watermarks and logos while downloading and screen recording the videotapes.


  • Remove watermarks and logos efficiently.
  • Screen record and take screenshots in a single click.
  • Search and download any video from any site.
  • Support all video formats like MP3, MP4, 3GP, FLV, WMV, WEBM, etc, even HD quality.
  • Convert one type of video into another easily.
  • Retain the quality of the videos.
  • Offer a good range of video editing functions.

Watermark Remover Software.

Another wonderful way of deleting watermarks is watermark remover software. They offer smart techniques to edit, customize, and erase unnecessary logos. You just need to download and install it on your desktop or laptop and remove benchmarks within a few clicks.

The following are some software for removing holograms quickly and easily:

Video Converter Studio

Remove Watermark from Videos

As the name suggests it is a software that primarily meant for conversion of video formats. But it is exceptionally useful in removing holograms, date stamps, and soft subtitles from the videos. It supports and converts almost all video formats like MP4, MKV, AVI, WMV, HEVC, H.264, MKV, etc. without damaging the quality of the video file. It is an inclusive program that has many roles to play like video player, converter, editor, downloader, and screen recorder. Apart from these, it allows you to perform various other editing functions to make your video more captivating.

It has a simple user interface, install it once on your device, and enjoy the fast and effective video editing experience. Free trial version is available to try your hand-on this software but it costs $40 to get the license to unlock all its features.


  • Remarkable video converter and editor.
  • Download, play, and screen record video clips easily.
  • Delete logos and holograms easily and automatically.
  • Feasible software and needs no expertise.
  • Support conversion among almost all video file formats.
  • Compatible for Windows as well as Mac operating system.
  • Free trial available and license version cost $40.

Remove Logo Now

Remove Watermark from Videos

This is the most famous and widely used software for watermark removal work. A software with smart algorithms to locate and to discard watermark, text, and logos from videos automatically. However, it also supports manual settings too. At times, the quality of the video gets affected in the removal processes. And it’s a bit slow in comparison to other tools. But in terms of result, it is a great software which offers a wide range of methods for removing watermarks and support various video formats. It can be downloaded for free but to unlock more interest features you have to pay $139,99.


  • Remove watermarks, signs, subtitles, etc.through its smart algorithm.
  • Offers both automatic and manual setting options.
  • Facilitate quick and simple processing.
  • Supported video formats: MOV, M1V, MP2, SVCD, FLV, MP4, etc.
  • Free Downloadable but paid version is available for more features.
  • Process slowly and consume time to get your work done.
  • Compatible for Windows only.


Remove Watermark from Videos

Wondershare offers a famous video editing software namely Filmora9 which acts as a great watermark eraser. It offers numerous methods of discarding the watermark from videos like blurring, cropping, and replacing. It is compatible with almost all video formats and offers a wide range of filters and layouts to make your videos more attractive. This is an easy-to-use software that offers professional editing tactics and requires no expertise.


  • Excellent editing software to remove icons from videoclips.
  • Offer various methods of deleting watermarks and logos.
  • Offer more than 300 filters and layouts.
  • Facilitates quick editing.
  • Compatible for all video formats.
  • Requires a subscription to unlock more features.

3. Watermark removing Apps.

Here we have some watermark removing apps to fit in your phone and serve both the Android and the iOS users. These apps offer a large range of features and filters that can remove watermarks and logos from the videos in a few simple steps. And to make your video more attractive and creative piece of content it designs new watermarks too.

Following are some Watermark Removing Apps to help Android and iOS users:

Video Eraser-Remove Logo

Remove Watermark from Videos

This is the top-rated logo remover app that is designed to support iOS devices specially iPhone8 and later models. It is a video editor that erases unwanted watermarks, icon, etc. in a few simple steps and offers worthwhile editing experience. Apart from discarding, it also creates and adds watermarks, logos, text, and pictures to your videos to make it more personalized. It also offers some other top-notch features like video trimming, cutting, and rotating to add more appeal to it. Overall it is an easy-to-use app that makes your editing tasks simple and effective by erasing and creating watermarks and logos. For smooth functioning, you can pay to avoid ads and grab more features.


  • Erase undesirable watermarks, logos, and elements.
  • Add and edit watermarks, logos, and icons instantly.
  • Customize your videos to make it more appealing and captivating.
  • Free access to all basic features of this app.
  • Simple and user-friendly interface.
  • Designed for iPhone 8 and later models.
  • Support ads but it can be avoided with the paid subscription.

Remove Logo From Video

Remove Watermark from Videos

This is the well-known android app to delete watermarks and logos. Besides being a watermarks’ remover, it is good enough to remove small unwanted objects just by setting the rectangle manually in the right place. After following a few simple steps it delivers a new video without any undesirable signs and symbols. Small and cornered benchmarks can easily be erased, but removing big icons from the center may affect the video quality and leave blur marks. To resolve this issue you can replace the blurred patch with another watermark of your choice. This is a perfect editing app that erases and generates logos for android users.


  • Remove watermarks, logos, and objects easily.
  • Customize videos by replacing benchmarks with new logos.
  • Fast and easy way of editing videos.
  • Support Android 4.3 and up version for effective results.
  • Free version displays ads.

Remove & Add Watermark

Remove Watermark from Videos

Here is another android app as an option for users. Remove & Add Watermark is a useful editing tool that offers quite a few features to discard and add watermarks. By adding text and pictures you can design your animated watermarks for your videos. Besides removing, it can also suppress and adjust watermarks in your videos perfectly. To maintain the quality and to avoid patchiness this app proficiently removes unwanted logos through the technique of interpolation of the surrounding pixels. If the watermark lies near the border of the video, you can simply trim and customize it effortlessly.


  • Erase watermarks and logos with interpolation techniques.
  • Suppress and adjust logos with perfection.
  • Create attractive and animated watermarks and logos.
  • Maintain the quality of your videos.
  • Customize videos by cropping and trimming edges.
  • Support almost all video formats.


Here we have enlisted 3 broad ways of removing watermarks from videos. This list helps you to overcome the dilemma of choosing the right way of removing watermarks and educating you about the best existing options. Online Watermark Removers that help you erase watermarks and logos online directly. Watermark Removing Software can easily be installed in your device and edit videos quickly. The last way of removing watermarks is through iOS and Android apps, download them on your phone and take advantage of these handy editing tools. Each category contains three best options and you can choose among them which suits you best and fulfill all your requirements.

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