Running Out of Storage Space on Android – How to Free Up?

running out of storage space on android

Clearing out space on your android phone to make space for downloading more apps or media files can be a tedious task. Sometimes it may force you to delete some of your favorite ones too!

If you are running out of storage space on Android, worry no more. Here are 4 ways which will allow you free up the space without compromising your needs.

  1. Using in-built tools
  2. Using third-party apps
  3. Using external storage devices
  4. Using cloud services
  5. Bonus points

5 Step Solution to “Running out of storage space on Android”

Using in-built tools

The foremost step to free up space if you’re running out on storage on your android device is to delete those applications and media files which are redundant to you and you are not using any of those. The media files will include – pictures, videos, documents or songs which you do not need anymore.

1. Force stop unused applications

This can be done by following – Settings>Applications – Find out the apps no longer needed and uninstall them.

2. Clear app cache

If there are no apps which you wish to delete, another method is to clear the cache on the existing apps. This will clear the data on the application so you may have to login to the app again. By doing this you will clear a certain amount of space on your android device.

3. Uninstall the apps

The third method will be to uninstall the bloatware. Bloatware are the applications which are pre-installed on your device by the manufacturer, these may be of no use to you but you’re unaware of these. Deleting such apps is another solution. Go to settings > applications, look for pre-installed applications you do need and delete them.

running out of storage space on android - free up space by force stop or uninstall unwanted apps

Using third party apps

Third party apps can be downloaded to free up the space on your device. A phone may never be as fast as compared to when you first set it up. Installing these apps will help you get rid of the unwanted files and apps as these will suggest you what you may delete, or even files you were’nt aware of existed on your device.

These apps will help clear space in your Android phone – FilesGo, Clean Master – Amongst the others.


This is an app which helps you free up space on your device which is running out of storage space, with cleaning recommendations, finds files faster with simple browsing. This app also helps you to share your files online and back up files to cloud.

FilesGo app - clean up android phone

Download the app here.

Clean Master

It helps fast cleaning of the junk on your device and boosts the system. The app also ensures full privacy clean up system.

clean master app - boost your phone

Download the app here.

Using external storage devices

External Storage Devices will include – memory cards, pen drives, OTG or computers.

1. Memory cards 

Memory cards are to be inserted in your devices and the storage spaces can be used, thus freeing up the internal storage space of your android device. The memory card can be reused if you plan to change your phone to any other android phone, but most people do not prefer to use it now-a-days.

2. Pen Drives or computers Pen Drives or computers are also used as another method to transfer your data and store them. If you’re not willing to delete the files, you can transfer these files and store them safely. Its best to keep a copy of the important documents and files on your laptops to emails incase of emergency situations.

3. OTG  

OnTheGo cables can also be used. It is pretty popular amongst people who use their smartphones as portable computers. It is used to connect 2 USB devices, and thus, the data can be transferred.

Using cloud services

Saving the best for the last, cloud services are trusted and more accessible than pen drives or memory cards. Here in, your data is safe and there is no issue of storage. It can perfectly solve your problem of storage space running out on your android device.

Data is there itself on your android device and can be accessed anytime, anywhere you need.

There are many cloud based services available offered by various platforms, most of them are paid.

Google drive 

Google drive is used as an option. It is a safe sit for all your documents and media files, which thus clears the space too. Google provides 15GB of free storage, the rest is paid and can be bought at the mentioned amount.

Download the app here.

Degoo app

This is the ultimate cloud app for your device. It allows you to save your files on the cloud, and carry it anywhere and anytime free of cost.

degoo app - cloud storage

Download the app here.


Dropbox allows you to upload and transfer files with anyone. It lets you a secure space to upload your files and store the. These files can be accessed by you anytime and from anywhere in the world.

dropbox app home page

Download the app here.

Microsoft OneDrive

This app allows you to access a secure back up of all files including media and documents across all your devices. It can automatically back up your files and upload them safely to the cloud. Hassle free usage which allows a starting of 5 GB free storage. The rest can be paaid for and extended upto 1 TB.

Microsoft OneDrive - clear storage space on android device

Download the app here.

Other cloud based services options include – Mega, Amazon Drive amongst others which can be helpful.

Some bonus points

Some other techniques which are not so conventional but may help to clear up definite space on the device are as follows –

Delete duplicate files

For WhatsApp users, WhatsApp creates duplicate files of the media files (videos, images, or audio files) on your device, these are unwanted and consume a lot of storage on the device.

To delete these files, open File Manager > WhatsApp > Media > Sent Folder. Now delete this sent folder from WhatsApp which contains all the duplicate media files sent from WhatsApp.

Use alternates

Another option is to use the ‘Add to Home Screen’ feature available for most browsers. We use apps for many online sites which have the same web versions. 

Deleting these apps will clear out the space. Now, use the add to home screen feature to have an easy way to approach their web version, which thus, serves the same purpose.

These are the various possible ways to solve the issue of running out of storage space on android devices. 

But the first step is to identify which is the best suited option and which will help in the long run so that you do not have to repeat the same tasks again and again. 

These above given steps are secure and will help you to clean up the storage space.

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