Chic and Confident: Stylish Spring Outfits for Women Over 40 in 2023

Spring signifies everything fresh and new; the streets are filled with blossoms and fragrances. It is the perfect time for a wardrobe renewal and rehashing your style to capture the essence of this lovely season.

If you’re worrying about the latest trends in spring outfits for women over 40, you’ve come to the right place. We have the perfect outfit rec list so you’ll be looking your best in the spring breeze.

Effortless Sophistication: 10 Spring Outfits for Women Over 40

1. Classic Trench Coat And Denim

Effortless Sophistication: Spring Outfits for Women Over 40

You could not go wrong with this combo if you tried. A beige trench coat paired with dark blue denim is just *a chef’s kiss*. It’s a low effort but looks timeless and not too stuffy as well.

While the baggy jeans trend is everywhere, a skinny fit would not be amiss here. Add a striped or flowy white blouse to complete the fit.

As for the shoes, ankle boots and loafers are your go-tos.

2. Floral Midi Dress And Cardigan

Spring Outfits for Women Over 40

Flower-centric trends during spring is a given, we all know it. Embody this season with a floral printed midi dress in soft pastel colors.

A lightweight cardigan can pull it all together and keep you warm in case of a rare chilly breeze from the waning winter season.

Top it all off with some comfortable wedges or ballet flats and you’ll have a lovely outfit on your hands.

3. White Jeans And A Pastel Blouse

Spring Outfits for Women Over 40

There can be no spring ensembles without pastels. A light-toned blouse is exactly what your wardrobe needs this spring.

You can wear them with literally anything and look ready to enjoy the great outside. But if you can pull off the light-on-light combo, pair them with white jeans and you have the perfect casual spring outfit on your hands.

Keep it classy with pointed-toe flats or heels.

4. Wide-leg Pants And Silk Blouse

Spring Outfits for Women Over 40

The wide-leg trend is still going strong and what better time to mix it up with some wide-legged bottoms than your cosy spring season? Opt for lightweight fabrics while you are at it, linen or silk will do as they embody spring as no other fabric does.

For a chic and sophisticated look pair them with a contrasting silk blouse, preferably a flowy one. But for a formal look, you can pair it with a form-fitting top as well.

Block heels would be a great addition to this outfit but you can play it safe with some preppy heels as well.

5. Midi Skirt And Knit Sweater

Spring Outfits for Women Over 40

Skirts are the ultimate preppy option for a pretty and casual vibe. A-line skirts and pleated skirts are trending right now, and what better time to pull those out than spring and summer? Pair a bright-colored or patterned skirt with a neutral lightweight knit sweater for a perfectly laid-back but chic look.

Top it off with sandals and a belt to define the waist.

6. Tailored Shorts And Blouse

Spring Outfits for Women Over 40

The biggest contender for ever-green denim shorts is none other than tailored shorts. With influencers changing up their feeds to look like Matilda Djerf’s fan pages, anything and everything old money is definitely in. And tailored shorts are an impeccable choice if you want to channel an heiress-who’s-off duty look.

Opt for light-toned shorts, and make sure they’re high-waisted. Pair them with a breezy white shirt or blouse for a classy look.

A dark brown belt with sandals will elevate your look like no other.

7. Denim Jacket And Maxi Dress

Spring Outfits for Women Over 40

Every Hollywood heroine has at one point worn this combo. Though Gen-z tends to stay away from a denim jacket combo, if you like denim jackets spring is the perfect time to pull them out and pair them with a maxi dress. Effortless yet chic.

Bonus points if you embrace the season and wear a floral printed dress. Sandals, again. It’s spring, of course, so we will put sandals on every outfit.

8. Wide Leg Jumpsuit

Spring Outfits for Women Over 40

When all else fails, turn to jumpsuits. It’s a one-piece outfit, so no fuss at all. Just put them on, lightly accessorize and still look stylish enough to look like you put thought into it.

Since it’s a spring-themed outfit, go for vibrant colors or one’s with light prints on them.

Add a belt to define the waist and heeled mules to elevate the outfit.

9. Pastel Blazer And Neutral Pants

Spring Outfits for Women Over 40

We love some neutral pants when it comes to being out and about in the sun. If you’re looking for a formal outfit these are a definite must-have.

Pair them with light-colored blazers, ideally pastel ones. A simple blouse should do the trick and balance everything out.

Top it all off with your handy pumps.

10. Statement Blouse And Cropped Pants

Spring Outfits for Women Over 40

If you’re tired of the same old blouses and neutral tops, mix it up with a statement blouse. For example, a blouse with ruffles or bold prints goes a long way with experimentation.

Pair them with cropped pants, exactly like Mia Wallace’s pants, and add a pair of low-block heels to complete the look.