What does LGBTQIA2S+ mean? Explained with Meaning

What does LGBTQIA2S+ mean Each Letter Explained-min

What does LGBTQIA2S+ stand for? What is the meaning of each letter in the term LGBTQIA2S+? What are the sexual orientation and gender identities in LGBTQIA2S+?

A vast majority of people on the internet are wondering about the need for so many terms when it comes to the LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender) community. This is due to the community’s need to make all spectrums of gender identities and sexual orientations feel included. 

The wide range of words when it comes to LGBT, however, may be confusing to a few. However, it is rather easy and simple once you know the meaning of the acronyms as most of them are just carried over to the newer and longer terms.

In this article, I will discuss the meaning of LGBTQIA2S+ and what it stands for.

What Does LGBTQIA2S+ Stand For? Full Form – Meaning of Each Letter

lgbtqia2s+ full form

Since LGBTQIA2S+ is primarily just an expansion of the original term ‘LGBT’. Most of the words from the original expression are just carried over to the longer abbreviations. The introduction of these longer terms makes the community feel more inclusive.

LGBTQIA2S+ is an abbreviation that directly stands for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Questioning or Queer, Intersex, Asexual, Two-Spirit, and Plus.

Out of these, 6 of the words are related to sexual orientation while 3 are related to gender identities. The Plus in the World does not belong to either of the two groups but is there to represent the niche group of people who are also under the huge umbrella of the community but are not covered by the acronym.

Below I will list out and briefly explain the various classes of sexual orientations and identities that are under LGBTQIA2S+ : 

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Sexual Orientation:

Sexual orientation describes an individual’s romantic or sexual interest in another person of a particular gender(It may be one or more). Here are the categories of sexual orientation that have been mentioned in the term LGBTQIA2S+

  1. Lesbian – A woman who is only attracted to individuals of the same gender, i.e. other women. Lesbians are not straight and are not attracted to men.
  2. Gay – A man who is only attracted to individuals of the same gender, i.e. other men. Gays are not straight and are not attracted to women.
  3. Bisexual – When a person is attracted to both men and women. Bisexuals can be attracted to more than one gender.
  4. Questioning – Individuals who are unsure of the gender they wish to pursue to form a romantic connection and are still exploring their tastes.
  5. Queer – A person who doesn’t identify themselves as heterosexual or cisgender. They can be straight, gay, or bisexual as long as they’re attracted to a gender.
  6. Asexual – People who are not sexually attracted to any gender particular. They are devoid of a sexual drive but can be involved with other individuals to form a romantic relationship or connection.
  7. Pansexual – Pansexuals have no specific taste when it comes to which gender they prefer forming a romantic relationship with and are open to any person regardless of their gender.

Gender Identities 

Gender Identity describes individuals perceive or feel their body and gender. People can have the same gender as it was assigned to them at birth or may later change it in life according to their wishes. Gender identities in LGBTQIA2S+ are:

  1. Transgender – Individuals that are assigned a different gender at birth but later willingly change their gender identity as compared to what they were initially identified as. 
  2. Intersex – People who are born with several variations of sexual characteristics. These may range from genitalia to chromosomes or gonads from either men or women.
  3. Two-Spirit – an individual from an indigenous community that identifies with both masculine and feminine spirits that may be coexisting in the same body and is typically referring to spiritual identity.



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