What Does Demisexual Mean? Explained and The Difference

With the increasing diversity among groups of people with different sexual orientations or gender identities, Demisexuals have been slowly climbing the ranks of popularity. People who are considered to be Demisexual are not really related to gender identities, in fact, they may not be related to how people look at all.

For example, imagine the prettiest or the most handsome person you know and then put them on a random street but in this case, you do not know this person. If you do this then question yourself ‘Are you attracted to XXX?’, If your answer is yes, you’re what most people would think, however, a no would entail that you’re probably what a demisexual is. 

In short, Demisexuals are people or persons who are incapable of having romantic or sexual feelings towards other people with whom they are not emotionally connected.

There are still multiple things that must be cleared about demisexuals and how their sexual orientation works so in this article we’ll simple things out for you.

What is Demisexuality?

If one were to define what exactly is demisexuality, it would be a person who cannot get attracted to another individual whether it be sexually or romantically without having an emotional connection with them.

Don’t get confused as demisexuals can get into relationships and form connections with other people but they are simply unable to be interested in others solely based on looks. Emotional bonding is what they truly crave as they are unable to get attracted to a person otherwise. 

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What’s the Difference?

You might think, anyone who likes another individual and wishes to pursue a normal relationship with them wants to establish an emotional connection with that person. 

You’re right but that’s not the focus when it comes to demisexuals. The focus is on the part where they first see the person, are they attracted to them? If the answer is no and they’re strictly interested in them only after having a bond, they’re most likely demisexual.

This includes your favorite actor or actress or even the most beautiful person you know in your life, if you aren’t attracted to them at first glance then you’re probably a demisexual too.

However, this doesn’t mean that an individual is guaranteed to like the person after having a bond with them.

Are Demisexuals Straight, Gay or Bi?

The Sexual Orientation of a person doesn’t make a difference. Demisexuals can be straight, bisexuals, gays, lesbians, queers, etc as long as they require an emotional connection with another individual to be able to sexually attracted to them.

The term also falls under the Asexual spectrum of the LGBTQA community as they do not feel the foremost attraction that one usually does towards another attractive individual. That means that they are not affected by surface-level traits such as looks, smell, etc.

Am I Demisexual?

If you’ve ever questioned yourself feeling unattracted to a person unless you form an intimate connection with them, chances are that you most certainly are. But worry not as it is completely normal to be one!

People have different requirements and tastes when it comes to attraction, something as small as physical appearances is a tiny aspect of maintaining a relationship.

And if you ever feel left out, don’t worry as people who similar conditions are always present around you but not be aware of themselves! Be Strong and Spread the message!

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