Why Tokyo Ravens Season 2 is canceled?

Tokyo Ravens Season 2 canceled or not?

 Tokyo Ravens started with a meh and ended with a YEAH; this anime was surprisingly fun to watch! Hence it’s expected that the committee will produce Tokyo Ravens Season 2.

Harutora is one of the boring MCs to watch, but the story keeps getting more and more interesting to follow. Defeating the enemies and trying to become powerful shamans (exorcists) was only a fraction of what the story was really focusing on.

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Still, parts in the story had an unexplained essence to leave the viewers hanging on for more and leaving you with a big question mark as to what is really going on and why. There are parts where the story seemed overcomplicated, making it harder to get in “The Zone.” The anime had good plot twists and a great rhythm and backstory; this story leaves viewers with nothing but awe. 

This anime provides a lot of enjoyment and fun, and there were no major disappointments to this show (that I noticed). 

I highly recommend this anime to all the viewers out there who haven’t watched it yet, and let’s all pray for Tokyo Ravens Season 2!

Check out the video for more details on Tokyo Ravens Season 2!

Now, this brings a question in our mind, “Will there be a Tokyo Ravens Season 2 or not?”

Well, we’ve got great news for you all! We will be discussing everything in detail and will reveal all the information, so keep reading!

Will we get to witness Tokyo Raven Season 2?

1. Reference For Adaptation

The source material for Tokyo Ravens is the light novel.

We need to check if the light novels are still ongoing and how many volumes have released in 2020. If the story has been concluded already, it will lower the chances of another season.

We also must check how many books got used up for the anime adaptation.

Till now, 16 light novel volumes of Tokyo Ravens has been released in Japan. Tokyo Ravens has 6 manga series based on light novels according to Wikipedia.

The first manga series has eight books published, which retells the original story in manga format. The rest of the manga adaptations are short spin-off series. Tokyo Ravens Season 2 has no chance to make it back to the screen.

The Tokyo Ravens light novels are ongoing, and the latest volume by the author Kōhei Azano (Black Blood Brothers) got released in Japan on October 20, 2018. (1)

The anime of Tokyo Ravens premiered in 2014, which adapted volumes 1-9. That means Tokyo Ravens Season 2 can continue from volume 10 onwards.

9 volumes for one season adaption is a lot considering Konosuba Season 3 will be using two books for ten episodes. There is less reference material for Tokyo Ravens Season 2.

2. Tokyo Raven Sales

Tokyo Ravens Season 2

Did you know that most anime series are losing money, or it takes them years to make some profit out of anime? That’s why I looked for some clues to check whether Tokyo Ravens managed to profit or was a flop for the production committee.

It’s common for a sequel to be less profitable. Anime television series like Tokyo Ravens can cost up to 4-5 million dollars to produce. So looking at the sales and profit is the most crucial part.

The anime was released in eight disks in Japan, and each sold around 2,250 copies. The series got a BD-Box on June 23, 2016, and it sold around 400 copies.

The sales are pretty bad for Tokyo Ravens. It would need to be at least 5,000+ to be as popular as other anime. The good news is that disk sales don’t matter much nowadays because streaming revenue is much more important than Blu-ray profit in 2020. Another reason for the cancellation of Tokyo Ravens Season 2.

Volume 15 of Tokyo Ravens was released on September 20, 2017, and sold around 23,000 copies. The latest light novel, volume 16, published in 2018, sold more than 20,000 copies.

The light novel sales are not up to the mark for a series with an anime adaptation. Also, the release speed is just one book per year. A popular anime would be closer to 50,000 per volume, and a good average release speed is 2-3 books per year. Tokyo Ravens ranked 29 in light novels sales in 2014 in Japan (2). As the committee couldn’t keep up with the pace, Tokyo Ravens Season 2 has become a far fetched dream.

Even Accel World light novels are selling more, and it’s eight years since the anime aired, and we are still waiting for Accel World Season 2 to get announced.

There are no figures available for Tokyo Ravens, so that means no Natsume or Harutora figures for people to purchase. There are also around 40 goods for Tokyo Ravens available as of now.

It’s expected from a 24 episode anime to have 400 goods and 10-15 figures. But there’s new news about Tokyo Ravens Season 2 which means it’s canceled.

3. Popularity and Fanbase

There is no point in making another season of anime that can’t popular anymore or has a little fanbase. Another thing to check is whether the production committee is still interested in this series or not.

The official website for Tokyo Ravens is not available anymore this is also the reason why we think Tokyo Ravens Season 2 is canceled.

This series’s official Twitter account is not even available in Google searches anymore.

According to Google reports, Tokyo Ravens’ popularity was trendy in March 2014, and after that, it kept dropping. The current searches are next to negligible now. Fans are not interested in Tokyo Ravens Season 2 anymore.

There was no new volume released in 2020, which is a bad signal for the franchise as it decreases their profit.

There are no new figures announced by the production in 2020. Tokyo Ravens have no presence in terms of goods marketing. Hence Tokyo Ravens Season 2 is perhaps canceled.

4. Production Time

The author wrote only one book in 2017 and 1 in 2018, and for 2019, there were no new volume releases. This year there was no release as well. Now let’s look at the dates of anime and manga series releases. The manga series kept running from 2010 to 2017. The anime series aired between 2013-2014.

If I look at this, then the speed is average. The manga series stayed in the market for a long time, which means that manga was more preferable for the fans than the anime. The production committee showed no interest in producing another season, which shows why Tokyo Ravens Season 2 is canceled.

5. Ranking and Achievements 

Tokyo Ravens Season 2

MAL has rated it with 7.5/10 stars, and it had ranked 1432. This rank is not good, which means that it’s not much popular and fans didn’t really like it; hence there are low chances of Tokyo Ravens Season 2.

IMDB has rated it 7.5/10 stars. Many famous personalities have criticized the anime and the hotch-potch of ideas presented in the anime in an unorganized manner. This can also be counted as the reason for the cancellation of Tokyo Ravens Season 2.

Where to watch Tokyo Raven?

You can watch Tokyo Ravens season 1 and season 2 if released, on these online streaming sites:-


Tokyo Ravens Season 2

The first season of Tokyo Ravens used up 9 volumes, which is too much, and the anime skipped a lot of parts from the light novel.

The anime did poorly in boosting the light novels or Blu-Rays, which means that most likely, there was little or no profit made from the series at all.

Tokyo Ravens never managed to get many fans and have a proper fanbase. Even the production committee doesn’t care much about the sales or the anime anymore from its looks.

It looks like everything went wrong, from the adaptation of anime and manga to sales and popularity. It’s worse for the fans who supported it with the hopes of Tokyo Ravens Season 2, but sometimes it doesn’t really happen.

The first season of Tokyo Ravens failed to make enough profit for the production committee. There is no chance that they will invest in Tokyo Ravens Season 2 project.

So I can conclude that Tokyo Ravens season 2 will never be announced from studio Eight Bit.

Maybe someday someone will at least license the light novels so people can read the story, but looking at this series’s popularity, it’s highly doubtful that even that will happen.

FAQs on Tokyo Raven Season 2

1.What is Tokyo Raven?

There has been no explanation given for the title of Tokyo Ravens over the course of the anime. Other than the Raven Coat, I don’t remember any particular references to ravens in the anime series. Maybe it is something the author made up, or maybe it is explained in the light novels.

2.What was Natsume hiding in her closet in Episode 11 of Tokyo Ravens?

It was never revealed in the whole series, but I can make some guesses. Here is the list of things Natsume may have hidden :

No one except Harutora knows Natsume is a girl.

She is the controller of Hokuto.

She is obsessively in love with Harutora.

Based on the above facts, the things could be Girl clothes, cosmetics, girly things, etc., or Clothes and kit that Hokuto uses.

3.Why didn’t anyone in the school notice that Natsume is a girl?

There are several reasons why no one was able to notice that Natsume was a girl:

  1. She usually dressed as a boy. Therefore no one suspected her.
  2. In the novel, an onmyouji can identify whether you’re a girl or boy based on your aura. Boys naturally have a yang aura, and girls have a yin aura.

    Normally, when a practitioner has a shinigami, the shinigami’s aura should be the opposite so that their compatibility will be in harmony.

    However, Natsume’s shikigami, Hokuto, has a yin aura; therefore, it creates conflict in their auras, thus violating the yin aura and making it a yang aura. As a result, anyone would assume that Natsume was indeed a boy.
  3. It is rumored that Natsume was Yakou’s reincarnation; since she was the next heir of the Tsuchimikado family, they predicted that she is a boy.

4.What happens at the end of the series?

Harutora’s attempt to resurrect Natsume was a success, but Saotome Suzu, who helped perform the ritual, told the other characters over the phone that it was a success. In the end, we see Natsume is resting in a bed inside a room with an open window. Harutora says he’ll be looking forward to meeting her in the future as well and vanishes into thin air. It’s unclear and vague whether he was real or not, and whether the whole room is some metaphor of sorts, considering the “astrology” stuff in the previous episode.

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