Sippin’ with the Stars: Celebrity Bourbon Brands Making a Splash

Celebrity Bourbon Brands

Celebrity bourbon brands? Yes, celebrities are also distillers.

May it be parties or a friendship reunion, bourbon is a must needed nowadays and when you’re a crazy fanatic and your favorite actor or sportsman launches their own Bourbon brand that is exquisite in taste and a rich choice then how’s it even possible to not include Bourbon in your gatherings.

With a corny, oaky, or caramel taste, Bourbon isn’t exactly Whiskey but is a must-choice for people and especially the ones from celebrity brands.

It’s common for celebrities to launch apparel brands or maybe some accessory brand but launching a Bourbon brand, where there’s already a lot of competition and where people are quite picky with their taste, many celebrities took the risk and are now involved in Bourbon brands.

It’s not only about celebrities many footballers or sportsmen also launched big Bourbon brands that are not only popular because of the owner’s fan following but also for their unique taste and aesthetic.

Here are some famous Bourbon brands by some famous celebrities, that are a must-choice for everyone:

Bourbon and Stardom: Celebrity-Owned Bourbon Brands That Are Making Waves

Virginia Black Decadent American Bourbon celebrity brand by Drake

Celebrity Bourbon Brands

From excelling in rapping, singing, and venturing businesses, Drake has been successful in all of it and it wasn’t just enough so he launched his own Bourbon brand in 2016.

Drake is the owner of a bourbon brand called Virginia Black launched in 2016 which is also a collaboration with one of the best spirits producers Brent Hocking.

Virginia Black is loved by all for its unique blend of three and four-year-old whiskies from various parts of the United States making people drool over the rich experience.

The packing itself provides one with a luxurious experience with a black champagne bottle and beautiful designs with gold, elegant and different from every other bottle.

Haig Club celebrity bourbon brand by David Beckham

Celebrity Bourbon Brands

One of the most iconic soccer players David Beckham isn’t only famous for his athletics but also for his influence in the fashion industry, but it doesn’t end here, the player is also famous for his classic Bourbon brand launched in 2014.

David Beckham launched his own Bourbon brand called Haig Club in 2014 with Simon Fuller, an entrepreneur, and Diageo. The brand goes back to a historical collaboration with a renowned whisky production, House of Haig, 1627.

The brand is famous for its unique taste of a combination of grain whiskies with a wide variety of casks. The brand offers modern drinkers a versatile and smooth experience by offering a mild and sweet taste in a blue square bottle with traditional club man’s flasks.

Brother’s Bond Straight Bourbon Whiskey by Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley

Celebrity Bourbon Brands

Who knew that the two fictional brothers with a huge fan following, Damon and Stefan Salvatore from the vampire diaries will collaborate in real life? Well, it’s the truth. Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley launched their own Bourbon brand in 2020.

Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley are the cofounders of their bourbon brand called Brother’s Bond. With the use of things like rye and barley, the brand offers a unique blend.

Brother’s Bond is a beautiful and unique celebration of friendship and connections offering an amazing taste to be enjoyed while creating memories with Brother’s Bond Straight Bourbon, their flagship product.

Heaven’s Door Straight Bourbon Whiskey by Bob Dylan

Celebrity Bourbon Brands

The popular American singer and songwriter, Bob Dylan isn’t only one of the most popular singers but also a bourbon brand owner who launched its brand in 2018.

Bob Dylan’s bourbon brand has a lot of experts on the team and offers a huge variety of that including Rye whiskey, Double barrel, Tennessee bourbon, etc.

Heaven’s Door is famous for its artistic bottles which are exclusively designed keeping in mind the artistry of Both Dylan and his sculptures of ironwork made by himself, making the experience aesthetic and modern.

Longbranch Wild Turkey Longbranch Bourbon by Matthew McConaughey

The famous American Actor who played his role in a lot of rom-coms launched his own Bourbon in 2018.

Matthew McConaughey and Wild Turkey are the co-owners of the bourbon brand Longbranch which is a collaboration with a renowned master distillery offering a single malt whiskey.

The whiskey has a unique and rich taste as it’s made from a unique method of filtration of charcoal and mesquite wood. The whiskey obtains a distinct taste making the experience worth it.

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Brown Sugar Bourbon by Jamie Foxx

Celebrity Bourbon Brands

The famous American Actor Jamie Foxx is known by all and especially for his role as Electro in The Amazing Spider-Man 2. Well, the actor hasn’t been doing great lately due to some medical emergencies.

But do you know that Jamie Foxx bought a bourbon brand because he loved it and found the perfect taste for him? Yes, that’s true. Jamie Foxx bought the Brown Sugar Bourbon brand famously known as BSB in 2021.

BSB has an amazing blend of brown sugar and cinnamon making it an old-fashioned drink with hints of sweetness. BSB has won the award for best-flavored whiskey by The World Whiskies Awards.

Sweetens Cove Bourbon by Peyton Manning and tennis pro – Andy Roddick. 

Celebrity Bourbon Brands

What happens when an American football quarterback and a pro tennis player collaborate together in real life? The celebration of true sportsmanship and memories. Peyton Manning launched his own Bourbon in 2020 and later on Andy Roddick joined it.

Peyton Manning and Andy Roddick co-own the bourbon brand Sweetens Cove Bourbon. The brand’s main Focus is on the production of small-batch bourbon. May it be the Tennessee bourbon or the layer-on addition of Kennessee bourbon, it is a rich taste of maple wood.

The bourbon is a blend of old whiskeys with a balance of brown sugar and honey making it worthy enough to drink.

Wolf Moon Straight Bourbon Whiskey by Jason Aldean and Florida Georgia Line (Tyler Hubbard and Brian Kelley)

Celebrity Bourbon Brands

Country music artists coming together but not for a Musical collaboration. Jason Aldean and the duo Florida Georgia Line which includes Tyler Hubbard and Brian Kelley collaborated for their bourbon brand.

Wolf Moon Bourbon or also known as Wolf Moon Straight Bourbon Whiskey is a bourbon brand whose collaboration launched in 2020.

The bourbon offers a very old and rich taste with its amazing blend of honey, especially used candied fruit, American oak, and spice with hints of caramel in it. A smooth and sweet experience.

All of these Bourbon brands offer an exquisite rich taste with class. One can look up to the various types of bourbon offered by these brands owned by celebrities.