10 Most Expensive Things in the World – 2022

We often hear the saying that “money cannot buy happiness”, but it is also true that people who have a lot of money can buy almost anything that their heart desires, and it would inevitably make them happy.

Even though there is more to life than the materialistic items that one can purchase through the power of money, some crazy rich people surpass all expectations to buy or obtain things that are unimaginable for a common person.

Today we look at the Most Expensive Things in the World; these are things that have a mind-blowing monetary value, and we guarantee some of these items will leave your jaw dropped!

10 Most Expensive Things in the World

Getting into our list of most expensive things has simple criteria, that is the thing should be real and have real value. We have arranged the list in ascending order, keeping the most most expensive thing at the bottom.

10. Project Infinity Yacht

Project Infinity is the name of a concept yacht that is being designed by a yachting company known as Fraser Yachts.

This huge 104-long-yacht is under construction and is set to be completed in 2022. The yacht is filled with luxurious amenities such as an elevator, a helipad, a gym, 2 cinemas, the finest suites for guests, and much more.

This yacht is set to cost a whopping 200 million in construction.

9. The Card Players Painting

The Card Players is a series of paintings made by French artist Paul Cezanne in the late 1900s.

In this series of paintings, only one has been sold so far. The painting, with its simple-looking subjects, is shown with a couple of men seen playing a game of cards.

As normal as the painting may be, it has a high monetary value due to its ancient artistic setting.

As a result, one of these paintings was bought by the Royal Qatar Family for 250 million dollars in 2011, making it the most expensive painting to be bought in an auction at that time.

8. Interchange

The Interchange is an abstract oil painting made by Dutch-American artist Willem De Kooning in 1955.

Hailed as the second most expensive painting in the world, Kooning’s abstract works have been widely praised and quite famous all over the world.

Interchange might be visible just like a bunch of arbitrary strokes of the untrained human eye, but it marked an important time of transition between subjects for the artist, thereby making this art piece exquisitely unique.

The interchange was bought by Kenneth C. Griffin in 2015 for 300 million dollars.

7. Boeing Jet BBJ 787

The Boeing private jet BBJ 787, also known as The Dream Jet, is a beautiful 186 feet long Business airplane that was launched by Boeing in 2007.

An aircraft is a chartered plane that was redecorated from the interior by French designer Jacques Pierrejean, which now has seating space for 40 people. The jet is loaded with amenities to make the trips of passengers more comfortable, with bedrooms, bathrooms, couched living rooms, and coffee tables all present.

The jet costs about 348 million dollars, and its ticket may cost around 70,000 dollars per hour.

6. Salvatore Mundi Painting

The most expensive painting in the world is next on our list, called the Salvatore Mundi. This painting was made by the Italian polymath maestro Leonardo da Vinci in the 16th century.

Salvatore Mundi is a fine contemporary example of artwork that exists from the Renaissance period, and it features Jesus Christ wearing a blue dress, with a crystal ball in his left hand and his right hand’s fingers making the cross sign.

The painting was bought in 2017 by Saudi Arabian crown prince, His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Salman Al Saud for an astounding 450 million dollars.

5. Villa Leopolda

The Villa Leopolda is a giant 18-acre villa situated in Villefranche-sur-Mer in France.

It was once used as an estate for Belgium’s King Leopold in the 19th century, and that is where it gets its name from.

Leopolda is a sprawling estate with a beautiful view of the French countryside, and it is currently under the ownership of Brazilian billionaire Lily Safra.

This French estate is worth 750 million dollars today.

4. Northrop Grumman B-2 Spirit Aircraft

The Northrop B-2 spirit is an American bomber aircraft that was made in the Cold War era.

The aircraft is in the shape of a flying wing and is proclaimed the most expensive military aircraft in the world.

This aircraft is highly deadly and versatile in dealing with unconventional scenarios and can carry different types of air-borne ammunition. As of date, 20 of these are a part of the American Air Force, and each of these aircraft cost 2 billion dollars to make.

3. Antilia Residential Property

For our next expensive thing, we take you to the exotic land of India, specifically to where the richest man in India, Mukesh Ambani, lives.

Presenting Antilia, the costliest residential property in the world, a humongous 27-storeyed building located in Mumbai, India.

The 173 meters tall building was built in the year 2006 and features extravagant features such as a swimming pool, a theatre, a garage with space for 160 cars, 9 elevators, and much more.

The lavish home has an estimated valuation of 2.6 billion dollars today.

2. History Supreme Yacht

The History Supreme Yacht is a 100-foot Superyacht created by British artist Stuart Hughes in 2011.

The massive yacht is loaded with solid gold and platinum throughout the body of the vessel and even has a T-rex bone sculpture installed in it.

Everywhere in the yacht, you will find pure, 24 karat gold used in the construction, and even the bedrooms are covered in platinum material. The yacht is owned by an unknown Malaysian businessman, and it currently costs 4.5 billion dollars.

1. Hubble Space Telescope

Coming over to the most expensive item in the world, is none other than the famous Hubble Space Telescope.

Hubble is an American space telescope that is being used for astronomical discoveries since 1990. It is considered to be one of the best space telescopes in our history, and it has helped in solving some of the most crucial questions about our universe, such as the age of the universe, black holes, and so on.

The Hubble space telescope is worth a huge 4.7 billion dollars in today’s time.

In conclusion, mankind will always have the quest to produce or manufacture the next best thing in every field of life, and some people will always have the money to buy and call it their own. However, even though a regular human can just stand back and bask in the beauty of such elegant things, it is great to fantasize about what we could buy if we had a lot of money.

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