Overlord Season 4 – Release Date, Delays, Expectations

Overlord season 4 is expected to get announced by 2021 winter. If there’s no announcement by next year, there are chances of the anime getting canceled. But don’t feel gloomy yet because I’ve got something more.

It’s been 2 years already since season 3 ended, and fans like us are getting curious to know whether there’ll be any 4th season to this absolutely mind-blowing series or not.

I’ll give you all the details that you need to know about Overlord season 4 but first, let’s get to know more about this anime.

Overlord, a Japanese light novel series written by Kugane Maruyama. Since July 30, 2012, the author had published 14 novels. Satoshi Oshio adapted manga from the novel while working under the Kadokawa production house. They were published in magazines called Comp Ace on November 26, 2014.

It is a dark fantasy anime that had successfully released 3 seasons with 13 episodes in each. Overlord anime premiered in summer 2015. Madhouse further produced 2 movies, which was like a recap of all the Anime TV series’s events.

The fans love the fight scenes, which are full of rage and blood. Teenagers and adults mostly like this series. It’s a good and enjoyable anime with a gothic touch. Overlord is perfect for people who prefer overpowered main characters.

If you’re someone who wants to enjoy some powerful knock-out fights between overpowered individuals, then what are you waiting for? Try this anime, and I’m sure you’d love the characters having their own unique supernatural powers.

Now without any further delay, let’s start with the top 6 reasons why there should be Overlord season 4.

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Will there be Overlord Season 4?

1. Reference for Adaption

Overlord Season 4

Most of the anime, movies, manga, etc., are adapted from light novels. Due to the pandemic, more and more anime are getting adapted from light novels. Overlord itself is an adaption from the light novel series. Now the question is, “Do they have enough references to start working on the Overlord season 4?”

Well, I’m more than happy to share that 14 volumes of the light novel have already been released in Japan, while 13 volumes of the manga are available, according to Wikipedia. In total, there are supposed to be 17, as told by the author, but he also said that he is willing to add more volumes only if there’ll be enough popularity and profit. At least the light novels will be continued; some anime like No game No Life has such a slow pace that they started losing popularity.

Overlord anime adapted 3 light novels for each season, which means 9 volumes are already used. They still have 5 more volumes to cover, but the chances are 70-80% even though they have enough material to work on.

2. Voice Actors & producers confirmation

Overlord Season 4

This is another factor that reduces the expectations of fans to wait for another season. Unlike other production houses, the producers haven’t shared a single piece of information yet.

But luckily, in 2019, at the AnimagiC convention, scriptwriter Kugane Maruyama revealed that Overlord season 4 is “extremely likely” to be produced. Now, this sounds like some good news. But there’s more to it.

3. Production Time

The novel series was published in 2010. Light novels were published in 2012 and manga in 2014. In contrast, the Overlord anime series premiered in 2015. The second season released in 2017, and the third released in 2018. The movie Overlord: The Undead King and Overlord: The Dark Warrior was released in 2017.

From this information, you can deduce that the production house is really active, and they are quick to execute their projects. Yet, it’s been 3 years already since there’s been any official news from the production house regarding Overlord season 4, yet this further decreases the chance of Overlord season 4 to make it to the screen again.

4. Huge Sales

Overlord Season 4

The Overlord anime has 3 seasons which means they did earn a lot of money but the problem is that with each season the sequels can’t make enough profit as viewers tend to switch to another anime or lose interest.

The first season sold around 13,000 copies per volume but in the second season it dropped to 7000, and by third season it went down to 5000. The drop in volumes is roughly around 40%-50%. Although this isn’t enough evidence to say that there’ll be no more season 4 because they may also profit from the online stream like Crunchyroll, Netflix, etc.

The light novel is selling through leaps and bounds! Overlord is the second best selling light novel after Sword Art Online, earning their top 3. More than 20,000 copies per volume are getting sold!

It’s disappointing that such a great anime with season 3 has only 20 figures available for sale. Mostly are of Albedo and Shalltear. There are around 250 goods manufactured for overlord, and this also one reason why Overlord is not getting popular or getting any attention.

Due to lack of promotion, their essence from the industry is getting affected. But after season 2, there was more merchandise like T-shirts and keychains launched, which means they are trying to improve their sale rates, which in turn increases the hopes for Overlord season 4 release.

Looking on the bright side, they invested a lot in gaming platforms. Overlord game called Mass For Dead was launched, a mobile game that earned more than 5 million dollars worldwide in march 2020 ( the game is available only in Japan and the USA).

It can be said that although there’s been a drop in blu-ray sales, they have made a lot of profit from various other sources, which are more than enough to start working on the Overlord season 4 project.

5. Popularity and Fanbase

Overlord Season 4

It’s evident that Overlord is really popular, and hence there were 3 seasons. The Overlord website isn’t much active. They last updated and tweeted in 2019 about releasing the 14th volume of the light novel series. Their Twitter account has more than 1 million followers. Many followers have tweeted asking for season 4 and anime broadcast or an official announcement for season 4.

According to google, trend reports show that 3rd season was the most liked and popular because it had more searches than previous seasons. It can be deduced that people are following the sequel and searching for more information.

The light novels are trendy compared to the anime because they have been getting sold often, and the latest volume was released a few months ago.

6. Ranking and Achievements

Overlord Season 4

Overlord is ranked 549 in myanimelist and was rated 8/10. Overlord received a rating of 6.6/10 by IMDB.

The light novel ranked 1st in Takarajimasha’s annual light novel guide book in 2017, in the tankobon category, and it again ranked 4th in 2018.

Kotaku, a video game and blogging website, also remarked that Overlord anime is a “magnificent power fantasy” that brilliantly showcased the MMORPG theme for gamers.

Overlord Season 4 Expected Release Date


There’s been no official news or announcement since 1-2 years about Overlord having any more seasons in the future. So, the expected release date of Overlord season 4 is by the winter of 2021. If there’s no further announcement, then maybe the project never started, and there’ll be no more seasons to it. This information is 100% true, keeping all the above factors and seasons in mind.

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What to expect from Overlord Season 4?


It is expected that there’ll be more figures launched. The author shall add more volumes, which is evident from the huge sales and profit flowing in from the light novels. We can also have another PS4 overlord game with better mechanics because fans weren’t satisfied with the previous one and want a PS4 game based on season 3.

Spoiler Alert

Overlord Season 4

The season will be based on volume 10 and 11 combined. Season 4 will start with discussions about improving the kingdom. A lot of politics and maneuvering gets involved. The fans’ theories regarding the princess’s Renner involvement with Nazarick are correct and can be witnessed from the manga.

The characters will be intentionally kept obtuse to keep the readers in the dark. Shhh…. no more spoilers now; else, you may end up reading the manga instead of waiting for the Overlord season 4.

Where To watch?

You can watch Overlord Season 4 on these online streaming services.

  • Crunchyroll
  • Netflix
  • Prime Video
  • Animelab
  • Hulu


Overlord Season 4

The chances of the release of Overlord Season 4 is 70%-80%. We might get updates by next year, but based on the above factors, it’s been deduced that they are making more profit from the novels than the anime, but because of popularity, it also has much potential to get released.

The scriptwriter also commented that “it’s extremely likely” to have another season of the overlord, plus the people are following the sequels evident from google trends. They have popularity, money, and sources to start working on season 4.

Hence, we should get some good new by next winter!

Frequently Asked Questions on Overlord Season 4

1. Where Can I read the Overlord Light novel series?

Web novel:- Frostfire10
Light novel:- Yen Press ,
Manga:- Mangadex / download apps like Tachiyomi, manga geek etc.

2. When will the overlord end?

On 23rd March author announced that the series would continue till volume 17. But it’s still hard to confirm because the number of volumes promised by the author has changed in the past. So let’s hope for the best!

3. What is the chronological order of Overlord?

Overlord Prologue (Part 1)
Overlord Prologue (Part 2)
Vol. 01: The Undead King
Short Story: Emissary of the King
Drama CD #3
Short Story: Drama of the Three Ladies
Vol. 02: The Dark Warrior
Vol. 03: The Bloody Valkyrie
Vol.04 Special Drama CD #1: The Sealed Evil Tree
Vol. 04: The Lizard Man Heroes
Drama CD #4
Vol. 08: The Two Leaders
Vol. 06 Special Drama CD #2: The Dark Hero’s Story
Vol. 05: The Men in the Kingdom I
Vol. 06: The Men in the Kingdom II
Season 2 Drama CD #5: Ainz Raises Money
Vol. 07: The Invaders of the Large Tomb
Vol. 09: The Magic Caster of Destroy
Vol. 10: The Ruler of Conspiracy
Pleiades Day short story
Vol. 11: The Craftsman of Dwarf
Vol. 12: The Paladin of the Holy Kingdom I
Vol. 13: The Paladin of the Holy Kingdom II
Vol. 14: The Witch of the Ruined Kingdom
(P.S- You can skip the side stories because they are not much relevant to the sequel)

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