Tanya The Evil Season 2 Confirmed or not?

Yes, I know you’re here to dig in the news about Tanya The Evil Season 2! We hope we can provide you with the best details! Now let’s talk about Tanya The Evil.

The Tanya The Evil/ Youjo Senki is a combination of historical anomalies, thoughtful commentaries on the perpetual cycle of death, the war in human history, and the constant yet noble personal battle our main character Tanya puts up against the God of this world.

She’s stuck in the body of a young girl, which sounds like your kind of thing? Then what are you waiting for? Divulge yourself into the “Saga of Tanya the Evil”! 

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Tanya The Evil is an anime series about miraculously combining the isekai and military genres with an evil and fun protagonist. So why is there is no news about Tanya The Evil Season 2 so far?

Suppose there’ll be no Tanya The Evil Season 2. In that case, we will never learn if Tanya will ever manage to secure the comfortable life she aimed for or if Being X will ultimately make her acknowledge his existence.

You can check out the video to know more about the Tanya The Evil Season 2.

Right now, the fans’ problem is that Tanya The Evil Season 2 didn’t get officially announced yet. So I will determine the dates by using the following factors.

Factors to determine the confirmation of Youjo Senki Season 2

1. Reference for adaption

Now small clues and hints like reference material for upcoming seasons can be crucial to consider as a determining factor because most anime series adapted from an existing property like manga, games, light novels, or even visual novels. This way, I will determine the release date for Tanya The Evil Season 2.

The source material for Youjo Senki is the light novel.

There are currently twelve light novel volumes of Youjo Senki released in Japan, according to Wikipedia. There is also manga for The Saga of Tanya the Evil that presently has 19 works published till now, i.e., 2nd Jan 2021. (1)

The Tanya The Evil light novels and manga are in continuation. The author Carlo Zen released the Latest Light Novel volume in Japan on February 20, 2020.

The author released two volumes in 2018 and one in 2019. In 2020 there is so far only one new volume.

The Youjo Senki anime’s first season used 1-3 volumes, and the movie adapted volume 4. Now it means that Tanya The Evil Season 2 can continue from light novel volume 5 onwards.

2. Sales of Tanya The Evil Season 2

Tanya The Evil Season 2

We need to examine the profit in the series and movie. If the profit was weak or the film was a flop at the box-office, this could decrease Tanya The Evil Season 2.

Akatsuki no Yona Season 2 is an excellent example of that didn’t happen because there just wasn’t enough profit. It can cost around 2-3 million dollars to produce Tanya The Evil Season 2.

The Youjo Senko Blu-Ray volume one sales were around 5.8K according to MAL weekly updates. It ranked 4th in the weekly Blu-ray and DVD rankings for April 24 – 30, 2017. This sounds like some good news for Tanya. The Evil Season 2 (2) Blu-Ray sales weren’t necessary for 2020, but they can give a massive boost for another season’s production.

 Sometimes sales also fail to predict if you know about Accel World, then you should know that even if it had high sales, there was no season 2 produced.

The latest light novel volume 12 released in 2020 didn’t rank in the MAL Light novel sales. Light novel sales are okay, but the manga is doing better if we look at the stats, so let’s hope the series continues.

The Youjo Senki manga sales are a little better than the light novels. The latest volume 18 sold around 70K copies. 

Around 15 figures are available for Youjo Senki, but only five are available on Amazon, and all of them are just Tanya. There are also about 150+ goods available for this series.

Usually, this would be a weak number, but in the Saga of Tanya the Evil, the merch is low because it’s a niche series with only one popular character. But if there will be Tanya The Evil Season 2, we will expect more figures as well.

The Youjo Senki movie’s box-office reached 400 Million Yen in Japan, according to ANN(3), which is approximately 3.5 million dollars. Blu-Ray estimated sales are 12,814 according to Erzat Blog updated on August 25, 2019, which is pretty impressive.

The movie did a great job improving the chances of another season for this anime.

The Youjo Senki smartphone game is out; You can try it for yourself online. The link is provided here.

3. Tanya The Evil Popularity

Another determining factor is to check if the series is still getting promoted. It’s possible that the production committee already moved on from this series to a more profitable one. Older series have a lower chance of getting another season. But let’s keep our hopes up for Tanya The Evil Season 2.

The official website for Youjo Senki was last updated on 5th August 2020 with news on the Saga of Tanya the Evil Illustration Exhibition “Shinobu Shinotsuki The Saga of Tanya the Evil Girl’s Tenth Goddess Exhibition” will be held!.

The official Twitter account has 66.1K followers. They tweeted, “Combat team support mission is being held! Complete the mission with the battle team members and get the “Gacha Distribution Ticket (11 consecutive)!” on Dec 29, 2020.

The Saga of Tanya the Evil popularity peaked in 2017, and after that, it kept dropping according to google trends.

There is a new Smartphone Case, T-shirt, Backpack, and more available to preorder on amazon in 2020 for this series. The movie did help a little with new merchandise; this is why the series is still receiving merch even after three years since it aired. Overall this improves the chances of Tanya The Evil Season 2.

4. Rating and achievements

MAL has rated it 8/10 stars, and it has ranked 506, which is reasonable considering it’s only once cour anime series focused on one character.

IMDB has rated it 7.7/10 stars.

The light novels and manga have a combined 3 million copies in print (updated in April 2018) (4). Writing for the Anime News Network, Nick Creamer said, “Saga of Tanya the Evil is differentiated from the majority of isekai anime that have heroic otaku or everyday young men as their protagonists by having Tanya be evil.” Further, Creamer explicitly added, “Tanya’s crimes are our crimes,” indicting the capitalist system that produced her past self as a ruthless salaryman and the consequences thereof for her new self.(5) This thus shows us that people loved this anime and want Tanya The Evil Season 2.

Where To Watch Tanya The Evil?

You can watch Tanya The Evil and Tanya The Evil Season 2 if released on these online streaming sites:-


Tanya The Evil Season 2

Only four light novels got used so far for the anime and movie adaptation, which means eight volumes are left for Tanya The Evil Season 2 to continue. No game No life season 2 was delayed because the rate of volume release was slow.

Tanya The Evil isn’t doing wrong in terms of profit. But money is in the anime and manga adaptation for this franchise. The BD sales, combined with streaming revenue, are making a pretty good profit.

Kadokawa has no reasons to cancel Tanya The Evil Season 2 as there is a mobile game launched as well, and even the Isekai Quartet crossover is doing good.

Tanya The Evil is still popular, even in 2020. The movie and Isekai Quartet promoted it even more, so that’s a positive sign for Tanya The Evil Season 2. Twitter and their official website are still active, and new merch is getting made, which indicates the popularity is always there for this series.

From all the above reasons, I predict that Tanya The Evil Season 2 release date will be around 2022 winter.

Spoiler Alert

Tanya The Evil Season 2

Tanya The Evil Season 2 episodes will be about Reich. He will try to slowly win the battle of attrition with a new liberation strategy, but the Federation and Commonwealth also have their plans. There might not be any super standout moments of strategy/battle in the first few episodes.

Also, Tanya will feel less like a perfect soldier. No, scratch that. She hasn’t even ‘lost’ yet. But still, her annoyance with her Kampfgruppe will be fun to watch.

FAQs on Tanya The Evil Season 2

1. Where does the Anime leave off?

The Anime somehow covers the story to Vol. 3 Chapter 4 of the Light Novel.

The Manga is currently at Vol. 2 Chapter 5 of the Light Novel.

2. Which chapters did the Anime cover?

The List with all the details are given below:-

ArcsLight NovelMangaAnimeNotes for Anime
PrologueV1,Chapter 0 (Prologue)Chapter 1 (The Sky in Norden)Episode 2 (Prologue)First arc chronologically
The Sky in NordenV1, Chapter 1 (The Sky in Norden)Chapter 1 (The Sky in Norden)Episode 2 (Prologue)Second arc chronologically
Elinium Type 95 Operation OrbV1, Chapter 2 (Elinium Type 95 Operation Orb)Chapter 2 (Type 95 Elinium Operation Orb)Episode 3 (Deus Vult)Third arc
The Watch/Guard On The RhineV1, Chapter 3 (The Watch/Guard On The Rhine)Chapter 3,4,5 (Die Wacht am Rhein I,II,III)Episode 1 (The Devil of the Rhine), Episode 3 (Deus Vult)Fourth arc, the anime does not include Tanya solo nor Tanya meeting Visha
War CollegeV1, Chapter 4 (War College)Chapter 6,7,8 (War College I,II,III)Episode 4 (Campus Life)
WTN PressroomV1, Chapter 5 (The Primeval Battalion)Chapter 9 (Andrew Reports)Not AdaptedThe anime skipped this arc.
The Primeval BattalionV1, Chapter 5 (The Primeval Battalion)Chapter 10,11 (The First Wing I,II)Episode 5 (My First Battalion)
The Dakian WarV2, Chapter 1 (The Dakian War)Chapter 12,13 (The Dacian War I,II)Episode 5 (My First Battalion)
NordenV2, Chapter 2,3 (Norden I,II)Chapter 14-22 (Norden)Episode 6 (Beginning of Madness), Episode 7 (Battle of Fjord)Anson is not “killed” by Tanya in the LNs
The Devil off the Coast of NordenV2, Chapter 4 (The Devil off the Coast of NordenChapter 23-28 (The Devil in the Coast of Norden)Episode 7 (Battle of Fjord), Episode 11 (Resistance)The anime does not include the search and destroy naval mission, Tanya kills Anson during the mission
The Devil of the RhineV2, Chapter 5 (The Devil of the Rhine)Chapter 29-34 (Devil of the Rhine)Included in the first few minutes of episode 8, the anime has Grantz already in the battalion
Ordeal of FireV2, Chapter 6 (Ordeal of Fire)Chapter 35-40-? (Trial by Fire)Episode 8 (Trial by Fire)
Preparation to Move FowardV2, Chapter 7 (Preparation to Move Foward)?Episode 9 (Prepare to Advance)
A Borrowed CatSide Story?Episode 2 (Prologue)After credits of Episode 2
Open SesameV3, Chapter 1 (Open Sesame)?Episode 9 (Prepare to Advance) , Episode 10 (Path to Victory)
The Intervention Which Was Too LateV3, Chapter 2 (The Intervention Which Was Too Late)?Episode 10 (Path to Victory), Episode 11 (Resistance)
Operation ArkV3, Chapter 3 (Operation Ark)?Episode 11 (Resistance)
How to Use a VictoryV3, Chapter 4 (How to Use a Victory)?Episode 11 (Resistance), Episode 12 (How to use a Victory)
Internal AffairsV3, Chapter 5 (Internal Affairs)?Episode 12 (How to use a Victory)

3. What is the difference between the LN, the Manga, and the Anime?

The Anime mainly focuses on action and visuals and covers less of the story than the Light Novel or Manga.

The Light Novel is the canon source material; it focuses on dialogue with little focus on action.

The Manga is midway between the Anime and the LN, focusing on both action and story; it has many funny moments.

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