Classroom of the Elite season 2 Will be a hit or miss? ( All information provided)

This anime is a hit or miss depending on how one perceives it. The release of The Classroom Of The Elite Season 2 depends on various factors, which will be discussed below.

The story revolves around Ayanokoji, who is placed in the school’s worst class due to his poor entrance exam grades. While many people ruin the storyline for being too “slow” or “mundane,” but the story itself shouldn’t be the main focus of the anime; but it instead should be seen as something that supports the plot and characters

If the story of the school isn’t the main focus of this anime, then what is? The answer to this is the characters. While many early reviewers see the characters as boring and unattractive, they only pay attention to what the anime has directly shown them. Not even a single thing about the characters’ personality and/or motives has been shown directly. This should be obvious as viewers realize that they absolutely know nothing about any of the characters’ pasts or motives, including the MC.

This interesting anime has won viewers’ hearts, and they are getting really excited to get some news on Classroom Of The Elite Season 2.

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But the question here is…….

Can we expect Classroom Of The Elite Season 2 on-screen?

1.Reference for adaption

There are 11 volumes of the light novel Classroom of The Elite released till now in Japan. There are extra three short volumes published for the light novel series.

The Classroom of The Elite light novels is an ongoing light novel series. The latest volume by the author Shōgo Kinugasa was released in Japan on September 25, 2019. A new volume (in English) was recently released in October 2020 according to Wikipedia.

The Classroom of The Elite releases two to three new volumes and one short story collection book per year on an average basis.

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The first season of the Classroom of The Elite anime, which was aired in 2017, adapted volumes 1-3, which means that Classroom Of The Elite Season 2 can continue from volume 4 onwards.

2. Sales of Merch, Novels, Blu-Rays, etc.

Classroom Of The Elite Season 2 merch

Another one cour anime series like Classroom of The Elite can cost up to 3-4 million dollars to produce, which means the company needs to invest 3 million dollars in starting Classroom Of The Elite Season 2.

Now let’s analyze this series in terms of profit for the production committee. If the series didn’t make enough profit, it could be a big downfall for Classroom Of The Elite Season 2 chances.

The average Blu-ray sales were around 1,300 copies sold per volume, which is a pretty small number for anime that would produce a sequel in the future.

Even if streaming is replacing most of the revenue from disks in 2020, this shouldn’t stop popular anime from selling a few thousand copies on average to make enough profit for another season like Classroom Of The Elite Season 2.

Volume 1 of Classroom of The Elite 2nd year was released on June 25, 2020, and sold more than 100,000 copies. The latest volume 2 of the 2nd year, released in June 2020, sold more than 90,000 copies.

The light novel sales are excellent and increase season 2, plus it can give a tough competition to other big series like Konosuba.

Classroom of The Elite has many female characters, so it’s pretty sad to have only four figures made for the series. No company made figures for this series because they knew that they wouldn’t sell well. if they could make more figures for Classroom Of The Elite Season 2, it might boost their sales.

 200 figures and goods for anime series is the optimum number to earn profit from the merch; else less than that may not result in any good sales graph.

The publisher, Mf Bunko J, is more than satisfied with Classroom of The Elite light novel sales. This series is also giving a tough competition to Re: Zero in Light Novel sales. It is currently the best selling light novel series by Mf Bunko. Hence fans are expecting Classroom Of The Elite Season 2.

3. Classroom of the Elite Popularity

Now let’s see if it’s prevalent among otakus or not. Also, we need to look at how the popularity and demand are holding three years later after season 1 has ended.

According to MAL it ranked 9 in Japan’s Weekly Blu-ray and DVD Rankings for Oct 2 – 8 in 2017. (1)

There are cases when fans or the production committee don’t care about the series 2-3 years later. So let’s hope that this will not be the case for Classroom of The Elite.

The official website for Classroom of The Elite was last updated in 2019 with news about rebroadcasting of the show. The official Twitter account for this franchise is around 2M followers, and they did a tweet last time in August 2020, which was about MF Bunko J Summer Festa.

Classroom of The Elite popularity was on the hotlist in September 2017 in Google Trends, and after that, it kept dropping. Looking at the stats, one can notice that it was more popular than Oregairu season one.

The release speed of books is fast, which is a good thing for sales. There will be another volume released around February 2021 as well. But it seems that Classroom Of The Elite Season 2 has low chances as people prefer it’s light novels over anime.

There is nothing new released or planned for this anime in terms of figures. It doesn’t look better for merchandise sales because, after 2018, this series produced nothing attractive at all. Only Kadokawa produces merch for this series. If they want to produce Classroom Of The Elite Season 2, they need to work on their sales.

4. Ranking Of the Series

MAL has rated it 7.9/10 stars while IMDB has rated it with 7.4/10 stars. It ranked 713 overall which means it wasn’t bad and the viewers liked it as well. 

Anime with a ranking lesser than 1000 is considered good; only anime like Naruto keeps holding their rank in the top 100 else; every season, there’s new anime to take the ranks.

5. Production Time

Classroom Of The Elite light novel series was released in May 2015; the next year, in 2016 manga series was released. The anime series premiered on July 12, 2017, and aired 12 episodes till September.

This gives us a clue that the series has been quick to produce and publish; they’ve released novels, manga, and an anime within the span of 3 years, which means they are doing well and the chances of Classroom Of The Elite Season 2 is high!

Where to watch Classroom of the Elite?

You can watch Classroom Of The Elite on these online streaming sites:-


Classroom Of The Elite Season 2

Even though the first season survived somehow amidst the popular anime, season 2 is less likely to be produced by the committee because their sales weren’t satisfactory, especially blu ray sales. Simultaneously, the light novels are still popular all over Japan, and they didn’t even produce good merch or figures to increase the fan base and popularity.

They failed to create a good supportive fanbase, and their popularity kept decreasing day by day. If they had a good fan base like Konosuba, then I could’ve hoped for another season. People can expect OVAs, but Classroom Of The Elite Season 2 is less likely to be produced but let’s keep our hopes up! And see if the committee has anything else in mind.

They can reboot or start the anime with a new sequel to give a boost. If there’ll be any news about Classroom Of The Elite Season 2, we shall get an official announcement by the summer of 2021.

FAQs on Classroom of the Elite Season 2

1. Beginner Guide For People Who Want To Read Classroom Of The Elite

Don’t start reading the manga, but if you’ve already watched the anime, you can start reading from Vol.4.

There will be volumes called .5 (ex 4.5 7.5 11.5), which you will need to read to understand the series’s underlying plot.

You will also get to see things called SS(short/side stories), which are also important to the plot, so read them as well.

Ayanokouji will seem different, and it’s because the anime didn’t portray him properly.

Characters who all been portrayed as important roles in the anime won’t be as important in the LN.(example:-Horikita)

2. Is Classroom of the Elite complete?

Season 1 is complete both for anime and manga, but it’s incomplete until now for season 2.

3. What is the genre of Classroom Of The Elite?

Comedy, Romance, School and Psychology

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