5 Anime like the Promised Neverland Which Is Ravenous for You!

The Promised Neverland has been a series of mysteries and vengeance. Most of the anime like the Promised Neverland focuses on a similar goal. The false words given to characters that die later on amidst negative circumstances are common. You get to watch some of the similar yet quality anime like the Promised Neverland below in the shortlist.

To all the mystery lovers who are clueless about what to watch after they go on a fan moment crisis, it is for you. Watch the thrill along with an extreme note of horror or suspicion in the given anime like the Promised Neverland below. Here you go!

Top 5 Anime Like the Promised Neverland for You to Have a Good Time:

1. Made in Abyss

Made in Abyss anime like the Promised Neverland
Made in Abyss

Abyss is the big hole in the middle of an island. It is the home to the entire ecosystem, monsters, aberrations, and much more magic. Also, it is home to a lost civilization, including artifacts, etc. Somehow this mysterious nature of Made in Abyss makes it an anime like the Promised Neverland. It has been directed by Masayuki Kojima.

Made in Abyss is an anime that opens many doors to suspicion. The edge of the abyss is home to an entire colony of humans who spend their days there. They search around to find all the unmatched and priceless artifacts throughout the abyss. The matter of concern with this anime like the Promised Neverland lies in the fact that the abyss has a curse. It allows one to enter but not leave without having repercussions.

Made in Abyss anime was originally aired in 2017 and it has not been long. It has gained huge popularity being an anime like the Promised Neverland. It starts with the livelihood enterprising the main character Riko. She works hard on the edge of the abyss and wants to become a raider. It is definitely an anime like the Promised Neverland which you are ought to love.

2. Shiki

There are anime like the Promised Neverland which offers something different on the table. It is in the way they take it to the audience. The horror genre does it quite often. Shiki is such an anime as the Promised Neverland that maintains such quality of art and culture. Shiki has been directed by Tetsuro Amino.

This anime somewhat gets you to believe that everything you are watching is the ultimate reality. It does that to freak you out while experiencing virtual realism. Shiki is such a supernatural mystery where people just hope for terrible things to not happen to the characters. This anime like the Promised Neverland has a lot to offer and makes you suspicious throughout each episode.

This story takes forward in a small village with very less population. The characters tend to know each other and the village has a big mansion on the outskirts. This anime like the Promised Neverland also focuses on remote areas where characters die or go missing. Watch the Shiki anime on Prime Video.

3. Higurashi: When They Cry

Higurashi: When They Cry is another anime like the Promised Neverland show that breaks the barriers. Barriers that stress the fact that anime is just for kids. This anime counters all those claims and releases the complexity of the plot. It has been produced by Studio Deen.

The story of Higurashi follows the lives of some children of a small town in Japan. Throughout the episodes, with the concerned storyline, the main characters get switched as per the need. The focus keeps on shifting from one to another depending upon the narration. The story arc of this anime like the Promised Neverland is really important. This comes into play when you get to have shock after shock when people keep on dying in the show.

The fun fact about Higurashi is that it is dependent upon a time loop factor. At the end of an episode, you see one or two characters dying. But everything comes to normal again in the next episode. It resettles things to the initial point of the arc and thereafter begins again. Watch the Higurashi anime on Netflix and Hulu.

4. Seraph of the End

Seraph of the End, popularly known as Owari no Seraph has been an anime that has similar characteristics to that of Attack on Titan. Besides that, this can also be settled as anime like the Promised Neverland. This signifies an apocalypse and through this road, it enters the world of horror and mystery. Seraph of the End has been directed by

It again involves younger characters in the plot as we see in anime like the Promised Neverland. Get to know more about the Seraph of the End here produced by the Wit Studio.

5. Attack on Titan

Attack on Titan anime like the Promised Neverland
Attack On Titan

Some of the anime is so hyped that below the cover you get confused to know the actual worth of the show. Everyone talks about such kind of an anime like the Promised Neverland and it never goes missing. Attack on Titan is one such anime that has created this huge hype around it. It has been releasing episodes of its final season right now. Here you can get to know specific details of episodes from the final season, season 3.

If you are still one of the rarest people who have not heard proper notions about this anime like the Promised Neverland, not to worry, here are all the details about Attack on Titan.

Also, if you belong to the huge fan community of this great show, then anime like Attack on Titan is the perfect choice for you to have a read.

FAQs on Anime like the Promised Neverland

1. Which are the best anime with dark or mystery plots?

Higurashi, Made in Abyss, Death Note, School-Live are some of the top anime like the Promised Neverland, having a dark theme. To know more anime with an engaging storyline, tap here.

2. Is there a Season 2 for the Promised Neverland?

Yes, the Promised Neverland is also scheduled ahead in the year 2021 to release its second season. It will be having 11 episodes as revealed by the official unit. It was previously set to have been released in 2020 but the pandemic took its toll.