How to watch Fate Anime Series in Right Order – Complete Guide

If you’re intrigued by those awesome fight scenes and gifs of a female warrior beating down a muscular demon, but you’re confused about Fate Anime Series after watching the movie, as things kept getting more complicated, then you’ve come to the right place.

Fate is a great series with a plot that follows the concept of mages, historical figures, master and servant, battle royale, and much more.

There isn’t a single YouTuber who didn’t cover Fate Anime Series in their top tier list. That’s the beauty of fate.

Fate Anime Series

Fate Anime Series is confusing for those watching anime since the same story is covered in different ways and how it’s happening is pretty confusing.

For starters, since Fate has anime, games, movies, ova, one, side story, and so on, there is too much to watch.

What is Fate Anime Series?

Before discussing how to watch Fate Anime Series in the right order, let’s talk about what the Fate anime series is?

Fate Anime Series is a series in which seven people are chosen randomly who can be master and bestowed 3 magical seals, which appear as a tattoo on their body.

Every master gets a servant who is a historical figure and belongs to Saber, Lancer, Archer, Caster, Berserker, Assassin, and Rider.

Each has its own advantages and disadvantages. Each servant has one noble phantasm.

These are special moves that can one-shot your opponent to destroy everything in the vicinity.

With these pieces on board, it’s a battle royale, and the last one standing wins the Holy Grail, which is an omnipotent object which can grant any wish by the master and servant.

Fate Anime Series

That’s the basic storyline; some exceptions make the story complex and interesting simultaneously; for example, apart from those seven classes of the servant, there are additional ones called Ruler, Avenger, and Shielder in certain circumstances.

There is also a concept of Alter form of servants, which means the manifestation of their evil desires taking over their bodies.

Each servant can have multiple classes, and depending on that, their power changes. And things like that, so before I make things more complicated, let’s start.

The order of Fate Anime Series to watch order depends on your choice since there are two ways to watch Fate, so ask yourself a question ‘Why am I watching Fate Anime Series?’

If it’s for visuals and fights or the storyline, but remember, you will be trying to know more and more about fate once you get into the story.

Where to Watch?

Path Chronology

PathChronology means watching Fate in the way it happened. Unfortunately, not all grail wars are made into series yet, but there is a solution to this, and that is to follow the main event of the whole timeline of the Fate Anime Series. (click WATCH to watch the trailer)And the way to go is

  1. Fate Zero WATCH
  2. Fate/stay night: Unlimited Blade Works (Watch Series NOT Movie version) WATCH
  3. Fate Apocrypha (Alternate Universe. A good watch) WATCH
  4. Fate Extra Last Encore (Also Alternate Universe) WATCH
  5. //OVA’s, Spin-offs, Alternate Universe, etc.
  6. Fate/Stay Night: Heavens Feel WATCH
  7. Fate Prototype WATCH
  8. Fate/Kalied Liner Prsma Illya WATCH
  9. Today’s Menu for the Emilya Family WATCH
  10. Fate Grand Order First Order WATCH

Everything listed after No. 4 can be watched in whatever order.

After the Zero, why are there so many Stay Night? That must be the question you might be thinking, right?

Well, the story of Stay Night follows three paths, just like how Dr. Strange saw all those possibilities through time stone, but we only got to see one.

here we get to see all three of them.

1. Fate/Zero

Fate Anime Series

The best story of Fate Anime Series so far is done in Fate/Zero. The way each character is drawn awesome.

The first half of Zero is just story setting and details, but I suggest not to skip it since you won’t enjoy the awesome fights of weapons and blades.

Zero has so many diverse masters someone wants to be recognized, and someone wants to enjoy watching people suffer someone trying to save family and someone who wants to save humanity.

2. Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works

The Unlimited Blade Works is the same story but, unlike the first path, focuses on Shirou and Rin instead of Shirou and Saber.

The story of Fate/Stay Night follows Shirou Emiya, who wants to be humanity’s savior and his journey as his master.

Fate Anime Series

UBW is the second path of Fate/Stay Night. Many people prefer going straightaway to ubw rather than Fate/Stay Night because it has better visuals and interesting.

But if you want to understand the complete story, you have to watch both of them

3. Fate/Apocrypha

If you want, you can go for Fate/Apocrypha after Heavens Feel 1 or 2, also called Great Holy Grail War.

Black has two factions, where each faction has its own seven servant class with an additional class, Ruler.

Fate Anime Series

It also delivers some insane fights from mountain-shattering spells to the mass-murdering army to hand-to-hand fights.

4. Fate Extra Last Encore (Also Alternate Universe)

Fate/Extra is also an adaptation like Fate/grand order in Fate Anime Series. The protagonist wakes up in a virtual world, not remembering his past.

Fortunately, he is bestowed with a powerful servant Nero. Together with his servant, he fights friends and foes.

Fate/Extra is about the self-realization of the protagonist. In most of the fate series, the protagonist has a dream for which he fights, but here he fights to know who he is.

5. Fate Stay/Night: Heavens Feel

The last path Heavens Feel is in the form of movies and focuses on the dark part of the grail, and it tells what if things weren’t so good and everything becomes corrupted.

Fate Anime Series

The Heavens Feel path is Shirou and Sakura’s story with some god-tier visuals and servants getting alter forms.

6. Fate/Kalied Liner Prsma Illya

Fate/Kalied Liner is a spin-off of the Fate Anime Series from the female protagonist’s perspective.

Instead of getting chosen randomly here, the master must gather cards of heroes.

The main protagonist of the first season is Illyasviel and the second season is about Illya and Miyu, who is basically the sister of Shirou.

7. Fate/Grand Order

Fate/Grand Order is the aftermath of all the destruction caused by the grail since it was corrupted.

The last group of masters have taken shelter in a place called Chaldea.

One day suddenly, a gate appeared, which was happened to be in Fuyuki in 2004, which wiped out all the masters except one.

Fate Anime Series

Grand Order is much detailed in-game, and there are some extra classes like our sweet girl Mash is a shielder.

There are also heroes with multiple classes and Grand Servant who stand at the pinnacle of power.

All these mechanics makes the game and anime different and interesting.

8. Fate/Strange Fake

If you want a complete change from the Fate Anime Series, you should try the Fate/Strange Fake. There is only one episode of it, but you can read the full story in the manga.

Here a bunch of mages tried to mimic the grail war but ended up making a strange version.

Though the fights took place in the same timeline, the masters and servants are different.

In this variation, the Saber-class is excluded as a fault of mimicking the original Grail War.

Path Release

This is how most people choose because it is more exciting and makes people indulge more in the series.

It’s the same as watching Monogatari with the constant surprise element of what will happen.

The thing which happened in Fate/Stay Night gets revealed in Fate/Zero and its adverse effects on humanity in Fate/Grand Order. So, the exciting way of Fate Anime Series goes like this:-.

  • Fate/Stay Night
  • Fate/Stay Night
  • Unlimited Blade Works
  • Fate/Zero
  • Fate/Heavens Feel 1,2,3
  • Fate/Grand Order

After you’re done with the basics by watching the above Fate Anime Series, you can jump to any other fate series or even play the game if you want to have some heroic servants with you.

If you want, then you can also try watching similar like No game No life, Tower of God, Seven Deadly Sins, Best Isekai 2019 Anime, top 5 amazing Swordfight Anime, Bungou Stray Dogs, etc.

FAQs on Fate

Which fate should I watch first?

Watch Fate Zero first and then follow the order provided here.

How many series of fates are there?

There are 4 seasons/series of Fate rest are OVA or spinoffs, or movies.

Can I skip fate zero?

No, don’t skip as it helps a lot in the world and plot building to make you more engaged with the series. I recommend reading the manga or VN first.

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